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    Matte Blk (Monday, 13 January 2020 12:05)

    This is an impeccably, motley invitation to join me in Seventh-Heaven to RITE some slick, sizzlin, zzzillions! of overdude books for the lengthNbreadth of eternity:

    Skiing from our IQ muuuch higher than K2 ... scuba diving without oxygen ... flying on a majic carpet through the galaxy (speed limits? whahahaha) ... walking on water ... animals DO talk Upstairs! ... dance N frolick in the air?

    And when we get back to our Big Ol Majestic Mansion (<- da BOMM) which'll follow us around the vast, Jupiter-size-world... or each one more fab-you-lous-than-the-last?? The outrageous, primordial fireworks for yeeers are outta, this, world, miss gorgeous.

    Follow me Upstairs yet again
    (Im a NDEr).
    I love you!!
    God bless you!
    Cya soon...