Sidekicks Test Scene III

The final rejected test scene for Dodger's leg in Sidekicks. In a lot of ways, I actually like this one better than the one that made the story. However it made less thematic sense, so it landed on the cutting room floor. 

It takes a second to recognize the figure standing in front of him. The pointy features, the riot of freckles on a pale face, the shock of red hair. Dodger doesn’t know who it is until the air starts to fill up with numbers. It’s the numbers that give him away, because in all his time he’s only ever know one person who used numbers as a defense against psychics. In his defense, it’s been ten years since he saw this model and the last time, the hair was stubbornly black. “Malcolm Quick.”


He knows he’s made a mistake when the body tenses. Because under the layer of Malcolm Quick’s light speed mind, is someone infinitely more raw. He’s also got a gun holstered which is trained on Dodger in less than a second. “Manners?”


“Who the fuck else would I be?” He pulls a cell phone out of his pocket, gun still trained in the other. “Yeah, Xav? I’ve got him. No. He hasn’t tried anything yet. The Dock street warehouse. Bring Sally.”


“You’re working with X? X hates you.”


“Oh trust me, it’s mutual. He just hates you more. Now stand up. You try any mind games and I’ll shoot you.”


The conviction in his stance is born from experience. The gun is police issue. Lombardozzi, probably. “How did Mal die?”


The finger on the trigger tenses. “Are you serious?”


“I’m not sure why I wouldn’t be.”


“You killed him,” Alex says, and the cloying grip of his impending panic attack coils in Dodger’s gut. “Me and him, we went to you for help, for a way to fix this.” He gestures feebly at his borrowed body. “But then we figured out what was really going on in the Superhero Project. Mal stood up to you and you gunned him down. So please, just give me a reason to pull the trigger.”


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