Ever raced a bullet?

The fastest one hundred meter dash was 9.58 seconds. A speed of about 23 mph.  

Maintaining that pace, you could run a mile in about two minutes and thirty four seconds, a marathon in an hour an seven minutes. The world record mile is three minutes and forty three seconds. The fastest marathon time is just over two hours. 

The fastest man alive runs about 23 mph, but not for very long. 

Malcolm Quick is that fastest you’ll find in the Enemies!verse. Believe it or not, there was a lot of thought put into how fast Mal can actually run. Mal’s not the kind of speedster who can hit light speed. He really isn’t even close. He’s outrun an explosion before, but that’s as fast as you’re ever going to see him move. And a chem lab explosion isn’t likely to detonate, just deflagrate, which means it doesn’t even hit the speed of sound. 

Mal has hit the speed of sound a few times, but it’s his top end. To manage it, he needs to be rested, he needs to have enough calories and he needs more than a little bit of adrenaline. He can only hold that speed for about ten seconds before he starts to fade. The speed of sound is 767 mph. Mal’s cruising speed is about 200 mph.  

The bullet in question? That hits 1700 mph. 

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