Let's talk telepaths

Somewhere on my hard drive is a story about telepaths. In this universe, telepathic skill was rated via the TIPPER scale in order to gauge relative strength. The TIPPER scale evaluated Telekensis, Influence (mind-control), Precognicion, Projection, Empathy, and Reading (mind-reading). Each of the facets was ranked 1-10, with the theoretical best telepath ever at a 60. In that particular universe, the highest cumulative number recorded was 36.

I always had this in the back of my head while writing the Suzukis. The idea that all telepaths had different strengths. I even did a TIPPER workup for Dodger and Worst Nightmare.

Dodger (24-point telepath)

Telekenesis: 2

Influence: 10 

Precognicion: 0 

Projection: 4 

Empathy: 1 

Reading: 7

Dodger can perform some minor acts of telekinesis, though doing so often causes gross physical issues (nosebleeds, headaches). He’s terrible at picking up emotional states, though he is fairly successful reading minds, especially when he has physical contact. His ability to project visuals is actually fairly weak, though he uses it almost constantly. The reason he never really gets called on a slip is that he uses his skills with influence to steer people away from noticing and errors. Dodger’s scarily good at Influence. He’s able to keep large masses of people docile during evacuations, able to rewrite memories, and, if he ever decided to do so, he could make a person do anything he ever wanted.


Worst Nightmare (27-point telepath)

Telekenesis: 4 

Influence: 3

Precognicion: 4

Projection: 8

Empathy: 7 

Reading: 0

Nightmare can’t read minds at all, though she’s always been very attune to emotions. This was her biggest problem as a kid as she was routinely influenced by nightmares of those around her. She’s significantly better at telekinesis and projection than her brother with illusions big enough to fool nearly the entire city. She’s mildly precognitive meaning that she sees probable futures but can’t for certain tell which will come true. Her skills with influence are such that she will never be able to compel someone to act against personal convictions and her suggestions can’t permanently alter anyone’s mind, but she uses it pretty casually to turn minor events to her favor.

So, yes, Worst Nightmare is the stronger telepath. But on almost every level, Dodger's the scarier one.

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