The Enemies Trilogy

You've reached the website for The Enemies Trilogy, a black comedy about friendship, depression and superheroes fighting giant killer robots. The story was originally serialized on this website, but now is collected as ebooks or in print.


The majority of the "issues" come from our hero, Good Guy, but there will be some other folks taking a turn. Don't let the wonky numbers fool you. That's just a gimmick. (And who wants another origin story anyway?)


At the moment, Enemies Like These can be picked up as a free digital download. Happy reading.


For Jack

The following short story, FOR JACK, was originally published for the horror magazine Shock Totem: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted. Simply put, FOR JACK is a horror story about finding your soulmate.

Seems appropriate for valentine's day, right?

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The Other Good Guys

A few vignettes for any of you who happen to be curious about the missing time between Walk a Mile and Sidekicks. Naturally, this has a few spoilers for the end of Walk a Mile.

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The trilogy in print

As great as the ebook format is, there's something awesome about a paperback. Pleased to announce the Enemies Trilogy is now available in print.


Enemies Like These [Amazon]

Walk a Mile [Amazon]

Sidekicks [Amazon



Pre-order for Sidekicks has opened. Release date is 7/2/16.



(Part Three of the Enemies Trilogy)


In the thrilling conclusion to the Enemies Trilogy, not even superheroes are bulletproof. To keep the legend alive after Good Guy is murdered, his sidekick Ajax Gadzinski is asked to put on the mask. Only Ajax is more interested in avenging his friend than joining the long line of heroes who died for the cause. 


Besides, if the rumors are true, the original Good Guy is back, saving people like he never left. 



Or, you know, it could just be the evil twin.